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Black Carved Lamp, Crows Reading Black Carved Lamp, Peony
Black Carved Lamp, Park Bench Black Carved Lamp, Romantic Couple
Black Carved Lamp, Front Porch Black Carved Lamp, Reading
Black Carved Lamp, Crows ReadingBlack Carved Lamp, Crows Reading Black Carved Lamp, Flower

These lamps are made by covering a raw white porcelain lamp base with black engobe and carving the images directly while the clay is  still leatherhard. The engobe fires from  a flat matt to a slight sheen, no glaze is applied. The process is called "scraffito" and looks somewhat like a wood carving. The larger lamps are wired with three-way switches and the medium have single push-thru sockets.

Though most are photographed without shades, we can provide shades for any of our lamp bases. We actually prefer that you purchase your shade locally after you get the lamp from us; you'll get exactly what you want and won't have to pay extra to get it shipped from us to you.  Click here for the lamp price list