handmade ceramics: tiles, sinks, lamps, and pottery, www.jensenandmarineau.com
Ginger Jar Lamp in Cedar, Peony design, $450 Green Carved Lamp, Peony design, $450 Leaping Deer in Ash/Semolina, $450
Small Primula Lamp, $195 Provencal Lamp, $380 Ginger Jar Lamp, Lichen, Peony design, $270

Our carved earthenware is decorated by brushing a thick coat of white slip over hand-thrown red terracotta clay. When the piece is leather hard (not too soft and not too dry), we carve the designs through the slip to reveal the darker clay underneath. The images that result have a feeling similar to wood-cut prints, showing the gouge marks and texture. The pieces are then bisque fired, glazed in one of a dozen glaze colors, and fired to maturity. The white areas reflect the glaze color (green, amber, etc.) and the carved areas are a contrasting dark charcoal color. The graphic imagery is hard to capture with a camera, but it has a wonderful vigor and depth in person.

Though most are photographed without shades, we can provide shades for any of our lamp bases. We actually prefer that you purchase your shade locally after you get the lamp from us; you'll get exactly what you want and won't have to pay extra to get it shipped from us to you. Click here for the lamp price list .