Sea Bathroom Overview

<~~~~~Sea Bathroom~~~~~>

Sea Bathroom Vanity with Sink "Barbara and Mick are true artists in the most genuine sense. They produce one-of-a-kind works of art that might hang in a gallery instead."

~Catherine Ingram, Los Angeles

"The bathroom looks great! You did a fantastic job and we love it. It is all I could have hoped for. You are so creative and it was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to using your tile in our kitchen remodel soon."

~Jane Beadles, St. Louis

Morning-glory bath <~~Morning Glory Bath

"Thank you for a lovely experience during an otherwise stressful remodel. Our whole family prefers to use the beautiful new shower now"

Whale and Calf, Octopus, Manta Ray
Fireplace Surround, Maidenhair, Sword, Deer Ferns <~~Fern Motif Fireplace Surround  Farm Series Laundry Room, cow & calf

<~~~Farm Laundry Room

Tub Surround

"We really enjoy your work in our Nantucket home and the kitchen tile in our New York apartment looks wonderful!"  

Storybook Bathroom
Flower Laundry, Delft style Tile

<~~Floral Laundry & Rose Bath

Big Fish Laundry Mural

<~~Big Fish Laundry Room

            Moby Dick in Nantucket~~~>

Nantucket Tile Mural, Kennedy Residence, Moby Dick quotes, Whale

"Your concept of a herd of cows for our Tillamook, Oregon home is just perfect! The few cows that have strayed from the kitchen to the laundry room are delightful."

                                 Farm Kitchen~~~>

Farm Backsplash, pigs and leeks
Custom Kitchen Tile Flower Mural " Your bathroom tile is one of the focal points of our house, everyone goes in to see it whenever they come over. The more I look at it, the more I notice the small details and fine workmanship. Pond Tub Mural, Racoon, Beaver, Fish

<~~~Storybook Bath with Pond

"I am so impressed with your work. The living room fireplace surround is especially wonderful. Thanks for all your help and congratulations on a beautiful job."

~Mardi Paska, Kauai, Hawaii

Wild Grasses Fireplace Surround

 Black & white chefs in the kitchen~~>

Kitchen Chef Black Matte Tile Series
Wild Grasses Kitchen Stove Mural

<~~~Wild Grasses~~~>

Wild Grasses Mural
Wild Grasses Fireplace Surround

 Carved Fireplace Surround ~~>

carved fireplace surround arts& crafts style
Carved Peony Kitchen Stove Mural

<~~~Carved Murals~~~>

Carved Inglenook Mural

Firwood Elementary Mural~~~>

firwood elementary mural