handmade ceramics: tiles, sinks, lamps, and pottery, www.jensenandmarineau.com

Tile Catalog

Click on any image to see the full line in each category.  Our basic tile size is 6" x  6" x  3/8".

Pond: Freshwater plants and animals above and below the water line


Marine plants, animals, and shells.


The whole barnyard

Storybook: Whimsical drawings of animals reading books and having tea.

Alphabet: Letters from a to z and corrresponding images.

tile borders and trim

Circle Motif:

Delft-inspired images including children at play, mermaids, sailboats, and others.

Subway Tile:

3" x 6"  tile with images of turtles, lily pads, fish,frogs, otters, and more...

Borders/trim: A variety of shapes & sizes to finish an installation, create mirror frames, or to use as accent pieces.


Pictures of finished commissions and custom murals

Sinks and Basins: Oval and round basins for bathrooms, bars, garden rooms, and kitchens

Peeling Potatoes, K- water images

Kitchen: Scenes commonly found in kitchens with food and cooking related images

Bathroom: Images of people putting on makeup, shaving, brushing, teeth, and more


Drawings of people and how they use their leisure time.


Typical scenes out and about in Oregon.


Ocean animals above and below the water line